Services & Rates

I have experience editing and writing many types of non-fiction prose. My current areas of focus are academic books and articles, legal marketing materials, non-fiction trade books, grants, project proposals, and presentations.

Developmental editing

  • Evaluate a manuscript and offer ideas for revision
  • Provide big-picture advice about content and argumentation
  • Create a new outline and structure
  • Develop transitions and write to achieve flow
  • Shorten or adapt manuscripts for a new purpose
  • Address comments or suggestions from other readers


  • Correct mechanical errors and make sure style is consistent
  • Line edit the manuscript to eliminate ambiguous, repetitive, or tedious writing
  • Fix sentence structure
  • Create internal consistency


  • Conduct original research and interviews
  • Write fresh content
  • Rewrite or revise old text


I bill by the hour, and my rates vary depending on the nature and scope of the work. I consult with my clients to create a schedule and budget that fits their needs. Please feel free to call or email for an estimate. For academic projects, I provide detailed line edits in the “track changes” function of Microsoft Word and write a separate comprehensive critique. For other projects, I can write and edit to suit in-house specifications.